About Us

Our History

Critters Inc. is a culmination of the development of four distinct companies founded over 20 years ago. 

In 1996, Crit R Gitters Wildlife and Pest Control was started by Daniel "Buck" Wiese.  During the start-up of the company, we performed residential wildlife control, specialized in rural agricultural wildlife control and pest management.

In 2003, Timothy Wiese took over the main operations of Crit R Gitters and Buck took over the role of Field Technician Coordinator. 

By 2008, Crit R Gitters was developing a more specialized team of products and services allowing us to focus on residential, commercial, and industrial projects as well as continuing our agricultural work.

Since 2008, Critters Inc. was formed and each of our specialty brands has developed into its own form.

Crit R Gitters specializes in Wildlife Control, servicing customers experiencing bat, raccoon, squirrel, woodchuck, skunk, and may other types of wildlife infestations.

Critter Force specializes in insect and rodent control (Mice and Rats), including roaches, boxelder bugs, Asian beetles, and many other insects.

Bee Force is a honey bee control and removal company that is home to over 30 hives of honey bees annually. Our honey bees produce great tasting honey that is available for purchase through local pick up, delivery, or shipped directly to you.

Mighty Oak Lawn Care & Snow Removal provides full service lawn care, from mowing to fertilization and weed control, and even fall leaf cleanups.  When the snow flies, the team heads out to plow, shovel and snowblow residential and commercial properties.

Family owned - because family cares

You wont find family owned pest control service from those big national chains.  Why pay a national chain, when what your really need is local service? You can only get good old fashioned small town service from a family owned company.  And with Critters Inc., that's exactly what you'll find.  Family owned, and family run since the beginning. 

Community service is our mission

We do what we do to help our customer live pest free, but our main mission is to make our communities better places to live.  We support our youth and civic organizations through sponsorships, volunteering, and other financial support.  If you would like to help build a better tomorrow, ask any of our staff how you can help!